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The Shift – Spiritual Awareness Series

The shift is not what human beings and scientist believe it is to be, there are many shifts that is happening that is not being discussed, and by hiding the truth is putting all life here on earth in the path of destruction, it also leads the human beings to confusion about what is happening to the world around them, this confusion leads to fear, fear of not knowing, fear of changes of any kind, fear of themselves, and of each other.



Being awake is being aware of all that is around you.  Being awake is not ignoring the problems that we are facing.  Being awake doesn't make you better than anyone else, nor does it give you the right to beat someone down because they have not seen the truth yet.

Spiritual Awareness – Introduction

Welcome to this series called spiritual awareness, in this series you will learn about how it is important that we become fully awakened and aware of our energies, our consciousness, and most importantly we reconnect and rebuild our relationship with ourselves, so that we can begin to start the healing journey. 

Changes in My Life

The past 3 years has been the most life changing with severe traumas letting go all the pain and sorrow, letting go of myself and letting the Creator bring me back to peace, love and joy.